random... a set of photos from a high school talent show

some very random photographs from a B-CC talent show in 1982 or 1983

Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School
as much as I would like to claim it was Rock and Roll High School
this was still the era of cheerleaders and football players
the peak of the feud between main stream and counter culture

looking different got negative attention from the jocks and no attention from the ladies

bad fashion was the fashion of the day
punk fashion was found at the thrift store... not in the mall

I was not in the talent show... as I have no talent

these were some of the people I hung with at the time
the band SECOND G
the band rotated instruments between songs so it would be hard to give the straight line up

Eamon Clifford on vocals
Norm Van Dersly on guitar
Steve Jacobs on bass
and Jay Amernick on drums

that is me with the white shirt and black suspenders

B-CC slides as compiled by the Rec Club leader, Ed Mulaney... Ed was and still is a great guy!

this may not have been the year where BMO played the toon COOL AS SHIT which caused the administration to pull the plug on them
later Colin and Roger moved from BMO to play with Brian Baker in Dag Nasty

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Steve said...

Great pics! Got anymore?