several years ago....

several years ago the washington monument had some work done
not like the work seen in the lindsey lohan
more subtle touches
nothing so dramatic
nothing so obvious

during that period the monument was surrounded by scaffolding
what was amazing is that this scaffolding did not touch the monument's granite surface


I had wanted to take some photos of this and I did not
I regret that

to avoid regret
we must take action in our lives

today the notion of a night shot of THE AWAKENING was mentioned
rather than regret not taking a night extended exposure shot
I went out there with my friend tom
for some reason he left his dog behind
but we took brutus and the camera and went out to hains point

the photos came out sweet
although I wish I had taken more

had to wash brutus when we got home
he had the pleasure of rolling in something
which gave me the displeasure of having to bathe him
which is no pleasure for him either

got the shots

now I need some shots of the sculpture being unearthed
then a shot of the vacant space
and I am done with THE AWAKENING at Hains Point
we will all be done with The Awakening at Hains Point
it will be as if the old man finally dug himself free and walked away


Jakob said...

great shot of the awakening

MB said...

Went out today, with the hope of getting a last shot of the usual lunch time crew zipping past it. Sadly, they've already blocked off the tip of Hains Point.*

I wish I could think of it as the old man finally being free of Hains Point, but today? It looked like he was drowning. Really sad, I'm afraid.

*So instead, I had the pleasure of 4 laps into 25mph headwinds.