short ride this morning before work

short ride on the fixie before work this morning

a short ride is better than no ride
life is cumulative
every little bit adds up

after a standard morning loop with the dog I dodged distractions
and headed out the door with my pack on my back and my bike by my side
wanted to do a solid morning ride
only had the time to do something short
so I pushed the pedals of my frakenfixie from mount pleasant on into maryland
went through chevy chase dc into chevy chase maryland
on bethesda ave. in the heart of bethesda i jumped onto the capital crescent trail

spotted the familiar form of this walking man
a man who I have seen walking time and time again over the years
never knowing his story
not even knowing his name

my ride was without any major events to speak of
just spun it at a healthy pace down this old railroad grade
daydreamed as I rode
had the camera dangling around my neck
snapped a few pictures when the sites dictated such

got into work and took a shower

ah... the hot shower at work is sweet
super hot with solid water pressure
then got into the swing of things all refreshed and ready to serve the man

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SiouxGeonz said...

Spring will come... every little bit adds up :)