ski goggles or swim goggles

the weather...
the weather is going to dictate the events of the weekend
just as the weather is dictating the events of the day

Lisa had planned to take Dean skiing while Grant and I go to a birthday party at the National Zoo
the rain in DC is also rain in western Maryland
those plans are squashed or maybe splashed
definitely soaked rather than snow covered

earlier this week the trails were beautifully frozen
frozen is winter's version of summer of summer's dry and dusty

I would have been stoked to revisit the trails at Rosaryville
but not now...
now all the dirt trails in the immediate vicinity are drenched
no need to slug it out in the swamp
no benefit to me
no benefit to the trail

time to formulate a new plan
maybe go running on the city streets

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Rob said...

Yah, I hear you on the rain, I really wanted to ride Rosary on the Thursday Night Ride, but it was way way to muddy.

And after the rains yesterday I'm not confident about much of anywhere being ridable on Monday. My lawn was sopping wet still last night at 9pm. ugh.