GhostRider said...

How coincidental! I had a dream the other night that I had discovered a YouTube treasure trove of Soundgarden videos arranged by album...and then the next day this article appeared in my blog.

Can you read minds as well as take great photos?!?

gwadzilla said...

just coincidental
no mind reading abilities

glad I delivered

I always wonder if anyone cares about the random links

sometimes I hope that they listen to the music as they continue reading the words or looking at the images

I never know if my words fall on deaf ears

site meters do not inform me what brings people to my page

GhostRider said...

I generally follow the links you provide, especially the music ones. It seems like we came up during the same music period (D.C. punk, the early days of grunge, etc.). You may also recall that I was a frequenter of Orpheus Records back in high school...Lord, if only I still had all that vinyl!

I'm still not convinced about your ability to read minds. Too many coincidences between what occurs between my ears and what appears on your blog!

gwadzilla said...


I can read your mind

which I could prove if I had your bank card
the bank card number without the number is nothing