straight home from work

cold today
worse than cold... it was windy

this morning I carried more clothing to work today than normal
had some clothing I felt was fitting for a mid-day funeral service
when I arrived at work my shoulder blade was feeling a tad sore
maybe too much weight in the backpack
so for the ride home I bungeed the pack to the front of the frankenfixie
right on the CETMArack
the weight on the front of the fixie was something I was not familiar with
my balance was a tad off
so I took things slow

I questioned the rack versus the backpack
daydreamed about the various cargo options as I rode the short straight two miles home

rather than directing my energy towards a post work ride
I went home and hiked the dog with an old friend and his dog
it was good to see hutch and tom
brutus was excited to get to run with his old friend hutch
hutch does not run so much any more

tom and I caught up

while in the woods tom assisted me with moving a large fallen limb I had been wanting to move
there was more time spent trying to move this limb than hiking
but that is the way that hiking in the woods goes some times
when we were done the log looked as if it would aid in guiding foot traffic

actually it was not that cold today
the air was dry so the cold was crisp
the balaclava may have been overkill

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