sunday morning.... walked up to Heller's with the dog

sunday morning the house stirred slowly
everyone was out of bed

no one was motivated for anything

after a productive saturday a slow sunday sounded fine
I walked up to Heller's Bakery with the dog to grab some donuts
I brought the camera and snapped some shots as we walked the few short blocks to the Mount Pleasant main street
Heller's was making good business
if only Heller's made better donuts

I got a dozen donuts to share with the family and some kids that were over from down the block
as much as I enjoyed the donuts

I would have enjoyed them better had they been fresh

they tasted day old

my guess... the baker is not getting up in early am

perhaps I can consult Saul for the real dirt on Heller's Bakery
Saul on the Gwadzilla Archive

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