Superbowl Sunday....

Superbowl Sunday
went with the family to my dad's tonight
my brother met up there with his family as well
we had dinner then wished my stepmother joyce happy birthday
after that... we celebrated american culture by watching the Superbowl

if there was ever a room where the viewers were more interested in the commercials than the actual game

one cute commercial brought a notion to surface that bothers me
in the bridgestone commercial the car driver focuses on getting around an obstacle rather than slowing down and then stopping
this is a flaw I see everyday

everyone wants to go around things
never slowing down
not always focusing on what is approaching on the other side of the double yellow line that they are about to break
people are more likely to raise their hand over their horn than take the foot off the gas and put it on the brake pedal
each car commercial focuses on granting the driver the ability to keep moving forward without decreasing speed

myspace has the superbowl commercials

I see that scene on my street everyday... except for the bright green grasshopper
there are no bright green grasshoppers on my street

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specwick said...

All people need to slow down like you say. This aspect may even stop spittin' on cars and honkin' horns. What people need to do is respect each other and crave knowledge of what they don't know, and act accordingly.