watching ghandi on the tube

some less than recent photographs dug to convey the tangents which are the streams of conciousness in my brain

look to the upper left hand corner of the above image a beautiful seldom noticed sculpture of ghandi
I do not know enough about ghandi
I do not know enough about che guevara

I do not know enough about martin luther king
I have a great deal to learn
that black and white image came from this archive
while the first image
was found here

I think I need to re-visit my archives

but now... now I want to focus on the film Ghandi
movies... a drinker's Cliff Notes


gwadzilla said...

honking makes me go slower
but it is not passive resistance

it is being obnoxious

Icon O. Classt said...

On Che, check out Jon Lee Anderson's compelling and comprehensive "Che" (cover has a red background behind a graphic based on Alberto Korda's famous photograph of Che--the one most commodified). Fantastic book about a complex individual.

For $20, I could always pick you up a copy and swap it for that mask, ha.

As for Ghandi, I know precious little. Then again, I like my martyrs/revolutionaries with a bit of anger and agression, and little patience.

gwadzilla said...

I will have to check out that book...

all I ever read about Che was The Motorcycle Diaries