the wilson center

the hottie on the track bike is zipping past for the shot
in the background is Capital City
what is presently Capital City... what once was The Wilson Center
The Wilson Center... a community recreation center
before Fugazi... even before Rites of Sprint... The Wilson Center
although they played there
a not uncommon local for West Coast Headliners with local heros
maginal man... government issue... HR.....
they all played here and more
I recall one year feeling it was a no contest between the Homecoming Dance and the Meatmen Show
Steve Najelski showed up in a tux with his date for the Tesco Vee smoke machine experience

the wilson center is now a charter school
not sure if the latin american youth center is still the latin american american youth center


GhostRider said...

Wasn't the band called "Rites of Spring"?

The Wilson Center was indeed a landmark in the D.C. punk movement. Lots of great shows there.

What IS still in existence? I heard the 9:30 is in a different location now. What about Madam's Organ, or D.C. Space? Are those long gone(it's been quite a while since I visited D.C.)?

gwadzilla said...

of influence by the speed of the photo subject
yes... Rites of Spring
fricken fantastic... got it on vinyl
still dig it

nothing is the same
dc has changed
the world has changed
nothing is the same

dc space is a starbucks

that is all you need to know

okay... everything else is a CVS

_ said...

That's 16th and Columbia, Joel. The Wilson Center was at 15th and Irving, and is indeed a charter school now. I believe that's the Unitarian Church in the picture. St. Stephen's a few blocks north hosts the occasional show as well as out of town activists during NCOR, protests, etc.

DC has changed. There's still great stuff going on. You can't live in the past forever.

gwadzilla said...

"_" are correct sir (or madam)
that is 16th and Columbia
the wine must have blurred my vision

I have a shot of my boys on their bikes with The Wilson Center/Capital City in the background from the weekend of the Chinaton Chinese New Year's Celebration

guess I should have posted that image for my stroll down memory lane

as far as living in the past...

I am hardly living in a day other than today

I have never referred to any day than today as "the day"
I am not the type to say "back in the day"

those days are no grander than these

in no way am I trying to relive those days

more just trying to recall and document them

toss up a piece of the puzzle so I can put it all together

we take for granted that we will always remember everything

so much goes forgotten

time for coffee
dangerous trying to start the morning without coffee

Jeff said...

oops, didn't realize that would show up as an anonymous post.

Didn't mean to imply anything anything bad, just pointing out that DC punk rock didn't end with Fugazi and the demise of the Wilson Center. Besides, Ian is a dork and Rollins' poetry sucks.

There's still underground happeningsaround town for you take part in and scene "celebrities" to meet and photograph.