the alligator hike

the alligator hike

lisa and I took the boys on the alligator hike

the trail is labeled "mountain bike trail"
this trail is as much a mountain bike trail as the tow path on the C&O Canal
it is legal for mountain biking

great trail for wild life
we saw several snakes, countless lizards, various birds, all sorts of insects, and some small alligators
flora and fauna

the boys did great on this three and a half mile hike without water or mosquito spray
this hike is less mosquito infested than other sections of the park
actually the mosquitoes were no issue as long as we kept moving
there is a boardwalk hike in another section of the Collier Seminole State Park where the skeeters laugh at deep woods off

collier semiole state park
national geographic article that references my father


Scott T. said...

are you from Florida? I grew up on Anna Maria Island, up the west coast a ways from Naples

gwadzilla said...

no scott...
not from florida
from the dc area
well... that is the simple answer

just been going to florida for the past three decades

my grandparents retired in fort myers
and my inlaws spend half the year on marco island

my grandmother at 98 moved back to suburban Illinois last year
but the inlaws still do the extended snowbird thing

having a great time

the gulf is fantastic
as I am sure you know

Unknown said...

That kid has some serious ups. Start planning the NBA thing...

gwadzilla said...

the photo of the leap has him jumping from the log

and the angle helps

so it appears to be a more super jump than it is

much like his father
white men can't jump