back from florida... schaeffer farms is open... waking up and getting ready for work

back from florida...

our plane landed by noon
the cab had us home before one
the boys were fed and had ran off to a neighbor's house by two
by fifteen minutes after three I was on my bike hammering the single track at Schaeffer Farms

saw in a team email thread that my brother was headed to leesburg to ride the baker's dozen course
figured that others were already back from a morning ride
made one call to cargo mike before I left out to go riding

got on the bike thinking I would take it easy

the Jamis Exile 29er Single Speed called out for the RED LINE!

I tried to take thing slow

spun a small circle in the parking lot as I confirmed that I had locked the gear filled Honda Element
the bike and body felt right
then headed over towards the White Trail for a warm up
as soon as my tires touched dirt I cranked up the intensity

rode the white trail
worked a series of left hand turns

when I got out towards the open field I worked a series of right hand turns
felt pretty good on the turns
felt alright on the log piles
was forced to bring down my speed for all obstacles

was loving the roller coaster which is Schaffer Farms

after the open field I worked some of the orange loop then some of the inner yellow trail
there were riders all over the trail
most were trailside regrouping when I approached
I slowed and stopped for others
a rider with headphones came my way
I motioned a two finger tap to my forearm where a watch should be
the rider said four fifteen as he passed


at first I doubted that my duration had only been an hour
but then I accepted things as they were and got back to riding

took the pace down a notch
backtracked some of the trails I had ridden on the way out
tried to mix up as much unfamiliar as I could
went up, out, and around the orange trails

rode for roughly an additional half hour
would have loved to had a three hour epic
but there were dinner plans for my family to meet up with my brother's family at my dad's for a week after easter egg hunt

the body felt good getting what it got

I was late for the egg hunt but right on time to eat some dinner

felt refreshed
the dirt is good for the soul
I most certainly do not ride my mountain bike enough
guess living in the city contributes to that reality
also... the responsibilities of a father of two also contributes to so many mountainbikeless days

will have to add NIGHT RIDING into my routine
but sadly... most people consider dinner time rides in the dark night rides
for me it is best to leave after the kids have gone to bed

MORE had a trail work day at Schaeffer Farms this weekend past
that map is a few years old
there are certainly a good number of new trails added to Schaeffer since that map was drawn

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KMAX said...

I just bought an 07 Exile 29'er this weekend. I can't wait to get out and try it out. I've heard so many great things about them and it is so much more simple then any other bike aside from the fixed gear fuji track.

Now hopefully I won't be too utterly humbled by the single gear on the mountain tracks...