(that banner is supposed to move)
that banner is from Walk SanFrancisco


John Garrish said...

did you know that our very own Jason Meggs is the man behind the BCLU?

gwadzilla said...

I did not know that
I may have known that at one time
as I did trace Jason's involvement some time back

we need activism like Jason's on this coast

he is a man behind making things happen

John Garrish said...

one of his big claims to fame here in the bay area is getting a bike lane designed in to the new bay bridge. they are replacing the bay bridge (from oakland to SF) and had designed it, as before, as cars only. jason successfully lobbied them to include a bike / ped path. an amazing feat of battling city hall.

gwadzilla said...


I recall following their rogue efforts
very impressive

and me
I blog

which is either impressive
or depressing
depending on your perspective

today I intended to ride
instead I blogged
that is depressing
okay... actually I was hanging with my kids with intermittent blogging
but I still wish i had been able to ride
but the wind and the cold with the wet earth stole my desire to go mountain biking