stop signs and stop lines

stop signs and stop lines
life would be better if people just stopped at the STOP LINE for STOP SIGNS
it would give pedestrians and cyclists the buffer that they need
it would give the car driver the buffer that they need
otherwise... cars are just in the way
cars are just causing chaos while putting people at risk
that would be a great location for a Bike and Bean in Mount Pleasant
A Coffee Shop/Bike Coop!


Frederick Ingram said...

His leg is always in the same position; it looks like you Photoshopped him.

gwadzilla said...

paper mache

Mike said...

Coffee shop/bike coop? That's a cool idea! Up here in Charm City, we have a coffee shop/bookstore coop/workers collective called Red Emma's: www.redemmas.org/
We also have something called the Velocipede Project, which is a really cool idea: velocipedebikeproject.org

You should start a similar bike "shop" with an associated fair-trade coffee shop.


gwadzilla said...

i dream of the place existing
not me starting it or running it

will check out the links

baltimore with its less expensive real estate lends itself to a different sort of culture

darren said...

Cycler's Cafe in Louisville KY. nice shop, good coffee, in the ex-premises of a Roy Rogers.

gwadzilla said...

can I get a doubr-r-bar burger?
do my kid's fries come in a holster?
does the mechanic do repairs on a seat that looks like a barrel?