Boston trying to change its MASSHOLE image


Definition of Masshole :.


  1. 1. (n.) The nut who goes 90 mph all the time, cuts others off any chance he gets, and travels a foot behind another's bumper even when he has the opportunity to pass.

    Origins: From the overly unsettling methods of driving experienced while in range of a Massachusetts driver that often bring others to scorn.

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  2. 2. (n.) Any motorist from Massachusetts.

BOSTON DOT COM has an article on an effort to make Boston more bicycle friendly

URBAN Dictionary Dot Com also defines MASSHOLE

one of the issues with driving in Washington DC has to do with the transient nature of its population
DC is not only very International but DC is also very diverse with its national representation
which means that people from all over the country and all over the world are driving around the city trying to apply the driving habits of their home town to the streets of DC

it just does not work!


Roman Holiday said...

I lived in NH for 5 yrs. It was a love-hate relationship w/ MA. We love to take your $$$, but we hate having you here. My favorite NH bumper sticker was: "Welcome to NH, Now Leave".

gwadzilla said...

adults are no different than children
always pushing the limits
always getting away with as much as they can

I blame society

Tom said...

The masshole is the yankee equivalent to the redneck...