cairns... just not enough people taking the time for cairns

in this area it seems that there are not enough people taking the time for cairns

last night I watched the documentary The Gates on HBO
earlier last night I had walked the dog with the objective of snapping a shot of a little piece of natural art work that someone had sculpted on a foot trail in Rock Creek Park

it was beautiful and well worth soaking in
grant and I had seen it on our Sunday hike
I was pleased to see that it remained in tact on Monday evening
there need to be more people slowing things down
some can slow down to produce a mini masterpiece like this
while others can slow down to soak in such a thing
the image is on my laptop at home
I will share it with you later

anyone can stack rocks
most people are throwing trash on the ground rather than stacking rocks
most people are rushing about in their cars rather than looking at the stacked rocks

andy goldsworthy on the wiki page

parkour on the wiki page

image stolen from

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spinach empty boksis said...

thanks a lot for the reference, but i have to admit that I've also stolen the picture.
(well we both used the picture to promote the artist's work, so we can have clear consciousness despite the "theft"...)