City BIkes and Taxation Without Representation Socks


Steve from Wrenching in the Gears contacted me in the AM to see if I wanted to meet up with him at The National Bike Summit
after some adjustment of my evening schedule I agreed to meet up with Steve on The Hill

contacted MikeK aka CityBikesMike of DCMTB-City Bikes to see if wanted to meet up as well
MikeK agreed and asked me to do him a favor
MikeK sent me by the City Bikes Store in Adams Morgan to grab a bag of socks for him to share with the advocates of his selection
MikeK was a no show... so here are some photos of some people that I thought deserved some TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION SOCKS

Dorcas of Waba got some socks after the National Summit bike ride

of course Maggie formerly of WABA currently with Bike Colorado got some socks

my house guest Michael of Bike Colorado got hooked up
bicycle colorado

and of course.... Jonathan Maus could appreciate these socks
Jonathan Maus?
Bike Portland of course
google it yourself!

yes... those are my feet
yes... I got hooked as well
City Bikes is good to me!

(socks are also for sale at either city bikes location)

DC's Taxation Without Representation
this ain't no tea party!

yes, david subtle difference
a copy editor is a good thing
I do not have one


David said...

it is "Taxation without Representation", not "No Taxation without Representation". Subtle difference.

gwadzilla said...

thanks david

I cleaned my copy

fridrix said...

I will copyedit 4 sox

gwadzilla said...

out of socks...

there could never be enough socks

editing my copy would be a full time job