City Paper Washington DC

City Paper Washington DC

I love the What Would Jesus Do? argument to things

I often wonder... if jesus were alive today how would Jesus get to work?
would jesus walk?
would jesus ride a bike?
or would jesus drive his Hummer H2 with his bass kicking?

the City Paper has an article...
How would Jesus Park?

jason farrell designed that logo
he also had a cat with an awkwardly long front left arm
there were discussions... he claimed it was anatomically correct
not sure if that cat is still around

Friday the 14th at the Black Cat there will be a celebration
should be a great gathering with some good music

gwadzilla archive with mention of Berine
I heard that there is a Black Cat ad in this week's City Paper with a photo that I took of Bernie
I wonder what shot they used and how they used it
also in Black Cat Bernie news...
I heard that Bernie is officially retiring from his position with the black cat

News of the Weird... I used to love the News of the Weird
since the electronic age my habit of grabbing the City Paper has faded

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Alex said...

Wow. It's hard to imagine the Black Cat without Bernie.