do bigger backpacks make better people?

do bigger backpacks make better people?
how about the dual majors?

education is important

homework is vital

I am not so sure that our education system has this all figured out

just stumbled upon a copy of this book; The Homework Myth by Alfie Kohn will scan it later

this notion of homework and school is something that I need to focus upon
as a father of two small children it is my objective to raise each of the boys to their greatest potential

how do I feel about cutting class?

well... I did not cut class often
but when I did... I was cutting class to do something
in my mind it was time well spent
had I gone to class it would have been just another day in class
rather than an adventure with friends

I can recall missing the first week of classes in one of my spring semesters in college
classes were missed so that I could work as a motorcycle messenger during a news filled week of the Presidential Inauguration of the first Bush

my duties gave me behind the scene access to all sorts of events
there were points when I saw things happen that I would have certainly ignored on television
history before my eyes
sure I missed those first few days of classes
the introduction of the teacher
the handing out of the syllabus
while instead I experienced history in the making rather than getting ready to read about history in a book

I still have a Mag-Lite flashlight with the Presidential Seal from George Bush's Thousand Points of Light Speech which occurred on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial I am not sure if I can tell you the four classes I took that semester
but I certain can remember all sorts of details from that day and the days that surrounded it

thinking of this pack from DEUTER for commuting


Icon O. Classt said...

"...their greatest potential."

But, potential for what? Artistic potential, civic potential, altruistic potential, earnings potential, criminal potential?

As to eyewitnessing life as it happens, agreed, you just can't beat the unmediated experience, devoid as it is of the corporate bias.

That's a great pack; you would not be disappointed. That helmet holder--if you wear a helmet--kicks some hot and heavy ass in the convenience department.

gwadzilla said...

I am striving to meet my own personal potential.... artistically, civicly, altruisticly, and criminally

economically... I am okay
we can always do better
we can always do better with all of our "lys"

as for my kids
it is a difficult puzzle that I am just starting to piece it all together

parenting is a learn by doing process
most every parent just stumbles and fumbles through it all