family recipe..

a family recipe
passed down from generation to generation
from my family to yours
well... from my distant relatives on the other coast

Sierra Nevada BIGFOOT Barleywine

we will wait for the review/rebutal by Icon O'Classt


Icon O. Classt said...

Apparently, that is one "family recipe" that hasn't been passed down verbatim. I think it's more heavily hopped this year than in previous years. Though I'm a hophead, I think the additional hoppiness here detracts too much from the caramelly sweetness normally associated with this heavy hitter. Still, it's a damn good barelywine. Bottom line: git yoo sum.

They changed the label, too, for the anniversary product. Astute drinkers will notice that the lake on the label was formed from the (big)footprint of an unbelievabley large creature. The King of Clydesdales, no doubt.

riderx said...

The recipe is altered a bit each year, but it is always goooooood.

I brewed a big barely wine that I called Sasquatch. Maybe next time I make one called Gwadzilla...