fire in mount pleasant last night...

this morning as I walked the dog I could smell it
was not sure exactly what I smelled
thought maybe it was a car fire
maybe burning rubber
just figured that there was an accident on Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park

took the Capital Crescent Trail into work
so I missed the carnage on Mount Pleasant street
the smell would have taken me right to the ground zero
then certainly I would have seen the aftermath

photo from a Mount Pleasant Resident's flickr page
more information in the Washington Post

took that trolley shot off the same MJB flickr page


j said...

got this in my inbox. hope the info is useful:

Last night's fire at Winston Apartments, 3145 Mt Pleasant St, have displaced 600+ people in over 170 units -- most of whom are low-income, Latino individuals and families -- as well as nearly 200tenants in neighboring buildings and homeless persons receiving
shelter at Meridian Hill Baptist Church. Many evacuated the buildings very early this morning (approx 1am) with no time to gather any of their belongings, stepping out into the cold street with nothing but their pajamas, jacket, and shoes -- some even without these. The blaze appears to have wiped out almost all 4 floors of the building.
Majority have lost their homes and all of their possessions.

There will be public meetings at 11am and 6pm today at the Columbia
Heights Recreation Center to discuss where people displaced by the fire will access to food and shelter, children's resources, etc. These meetings are being organized by the Red Cross, the Mayor's Office, local community- and faith-based organizations, uncilmembers and the DC Fire Department. All are invited to attend and contribute to learn
how we can help organize and provide assistance.

Donations for clothes, shoes needed asap. Dropoff: Neighbors Consejo,
> 3118 16th St NW
Contact: Evar Sandoval 202.234.6855

Meetings to discuss shelter, food, response, volunteer aid, etc:
11am & 6pm,
Columbia Heights Recreation Center - 1480 Girard St

Dj KerO! will be on Radio CPR 97.5FM 7-9p tonite with more updates.
My guest is local activist and organizer Natalie Avery from HEAR Mt Pleasant. More to come....

Any help you can provide is greatly needed and appreciated by our community.

Here's more info from Amber Gallup at HEAR Mt Pleasant:

As many of you already know, 3145 Mt. Pleasant Street (also known as
the Winston) was partially destroyed by fire last night. The most recent word is that donations of money, food and clothing including shoes, kids' clothing, winter wear, etc.) are needed for the over 800 people who have been either permanently or temporarily displaced, many of them children and elderly . Donations can be brought to:

Neighbor's Consejo
3118 16th Street, NW
Contact: Evar Sandoval at 202 234 6855

Yasmin Romero is the president of the Tenants' Association at 3145 Mt. Pleasant Street, and she is a very active, much loved member and
organizer with Hear Mount Pleasant. 3145 is a highly organized building of mostly immigrant residents. Our hearts go out to Yasmin and all the tenants of this building and we will support their efforts to make sure the building is renovated and that every single one of the tenants is able to move back and stay together. Haydee's and Don
Juan's Restaurants served as shelters overnight for the displaced.
If you can offer a vacant apartment or a room to a displaced person or family, go to Columbia Heights Recreation Center at 1480 Girard Street. This effort is just beginning to be coordinated - more info soon.
Volunteers are also being coordinated by Neighbor's Consejo.

The Community of Christ will hold a prayer service tonight at 9:00 pm
at La Casa/Community of Christ (3166 Mt. Pleasant St NW). All are

We will continue to provide information, as it is updated, on other ways that community members can support these families.

> --
> Dj KerO!
> Radio CPR 97.5FM
> www.myspace.com/djkerokero
> www.radiocpr.com

gwadzilla said...

thanks for the info!

glad to see that there has been no lag in people stepping up and lending aid