how much?

how much?

how much money do I need to spend to get a solid full squishy 29er?

fisher 29ers

I am attracted to specialized as well
but I am married
so I can not act so freely on random attraction

blackwater bikes has some demos
it was some wandering through the site of gettysburg bikes that had me thinking of the next step


KMAX said...

I just somewhat compulsively picked up a new Jamis Exile 29er. When I get married I'm going to be totally screwed. For now though I'm going to just live it up!

Frederick Ingram said...

Tell her you need it for work. ;)

horn said...

i heard a story about a bikeshop employee who bought a new bike every six months (and sold his old one).

he just made sure it was always black, this way if his disinterested wife queried it he just said he'd upgraded a few parts...

i reckon it's the way forward.

can't remember where i heard it, hope it wasn't here, that would be embarassing...