the last day of a three day weekend...

the last day of our three day weekend in west virginia
fantastic conditions create for an epic weekend

went to whitegrass for some cross country skiing with the family today
went to whitegrass for some dinner on friday night with the family
tried to get a snack at whitegrass when I returned my rental tele skiies on saturday
but it was approaching reservation time so they ran us out
which was cool... as we had our table ready for us when we arrived for our reservation the night prior
the night prior which was mid blizzard
a warm cozy night with the family at whitegrass
live music in the background

if only four year old grant had not been in a mood

who is this guy?
ran into him at the beer line at the Thievery/Manu Chao show this summer at Merriweather...
ran into him at a Wednesday at Wakefield event last summer... he was on a single speed in a dress
there he is standing in my shot
standing in my shot in West Virginia
okay... good to see you... now get out of my shot

grantman stomping around in the snow
grant did pretty well on our short cross country ski with our black dog brutus
he is four
I was so proud
a downhill private lesson on friday and cross country on sunday
I was so proud
too bad he was not willing to give the all day ski school a shot at Timberline

a fantastic alpine weekend
whitegrass was a huge part of it
mountaineer brewing company was also a big part

the mountaineer site is pretty lame... almost not worth visiting

extra thanks to steve and family for inviting us out to their west virginia cabin
sorry they were in colorado and could not enjoy the weekend with us
hope their colorado weekend was as fun packed as our wild and west virginia adventure

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