long a... ona.... not ann ah got it?

anna kelso
anna kelso has some photos of gwadzilla on her page

blundie spds?
wow that makes it a lot nicer to take the bike on the walk about

anna kelso dcmtb
anna kelso of hpc
anna kelso of washington dc

if I were famous I would hire anna as my personal assistant

that is anna long a
not like raggedy anne
like ona
say it like you are ARNOLD

got it?
remember it
get it right


Icon O. Classt said...

No, no, no, it's not a long a; that would be ay-nuh. Phonetically, it's ah-nuh. Satisfaction, immediately followed by a sort of ambiguous negation. Ah! Nuh!

That second pic is f*cking brilliant! You are really coming along as an amateur photog, my friend. Of course, the pose didn't hurt.

Lorena said...

Got it.
Those are some pretty stylin socks she's got on.
Your pics look great even without your fancy camera.

gwadzilla said...


not all the subjects respond to my usual MAKE LOVE TO THE CAMERA style
but those who have what it takes to be a model
they know how to strike a pose

ah-nuh can vogue!

I lorena
I think that Anna wears socks like that so she can sell them on her ebay site
I am not sure if she just wears them once and then sells them or what

gwadzilla said...

that was hi lorena

fridrix said...

not a long a, that would b more of a dipthong

not a short a, that would be the wrong sound

maybe you could call it a soft a
i dunno

i'm not a licensed phonetician

gwadzilla said...

ya know
I dig drew barrymore
but she sucked in charlie's angels
her kung fu scenes were weak

guess I do not got it
so I have no need to remember it
and I better get it right

Anna said...

Is someone looking to buy my well worn socks?!!! $10 OBO.

Oh, and here's a fun game for learning vowel sounds:


How about we ask Lorena how to pronounce her name?

fridrix said...

Anna onna bike... as in onamatopoeia.

fridrix said...

On Anna
by frïdrix

Anna on a bike...
On a sprint
On a hike

Anna on a bike
Is the Anna
We all like

Anna's on a roll
On a fixy
On a dare

Anna's in the zone
Feet on saddle
Hands in air

gwadzilla said...

I think that fridrix is onto something
but it is not

onomatopoeia when anna is on a bike

that is onomatoPEDa

and when she eats humus...

that would be onomatoPITA

got it?

pronounce lorena?
you helped me with that
but it did not help that a guy named loren joined the team at the same time as her
did she leave because there was no room for a loren and a lorena on the same email list serve?

fridrix said...

On a tomahto pita?

Anna said...

I believe Lorena plans to lay the hammer down on the national road scene this year. So much power from such a wisp of a girl!

Lorena, you're a beast! Tear it up out there!