missed it in the theater... already on dvd

Into the Wild
missed it in the theater
it is already out on dvd

although I am not a mountaineer I do enjoy the stories
I, like so many others, got swept away by the writings of Jon Krakauer
wonder if the movie will match the quality of the story as told by Krakauer

Jon Krakauer on the Wiki Page

Sean Penn and Jon Krakauer at the bus that was the protagonist's home and then coffin

the story of Goran Kropp is also a fantastic story
his summit attempt on Everest involved a bicycle ride lugging all his gear from Europe to the Himalaya


MB said...

As with most stories, it is not the book. (And it does do something with the parents' story that most readers of the book will really find offensive, I think.)

But it is a fantastic movie. Really fantastic, if you're in the right mood.

camps said...

I read Kropp's book after learning of him from Krakauer's book. Didn't know his life had ended.

gwadzilla said...

in all cases it is a combination of a story and how it is told

Krakauer is a wonderful story teller
it is a story that was told well
INTO THE WILD is an interesting story with a tragic end

and Goran Kropp
he was a fantastic adventurer
death was definitely lurking just ahead in each of his quests

the death rate in mountaineering may be greater than that in skydiving
but I do not know
sure that would be easy enough to find out

Roman Holiday said...

Check out Jon's earlier writings in Outside & Climbing.

Anna said...

I have mixed feelings about this story. I would be interested to see how the movie portrays McCandless. Part of me feels like he was a privileged kid from Virginia who was looking for adventure, and in the mean time really put his family through the wringer. Not sure that it's as heroic as we want to think it is.

gwadzilla said...


long a

I am sure your mom worries about you in traffic

last week you smacked the windshield of a car with your helmet covered head
had it been different
would we say the same of you

had this boy lived
there would be no movie
there would be no book
just another person trying to figure out their place on the planet

his death was an accident
he did not want to die
he wanted to live

Anna said...

point taken

gwadzilla said...

I have read some of the early stuff by Krakauer
great inspirational reads