misty morning

we are not in kansas any more

woke up this morning to wet ground and mist in the air
with an ambient temperature dissimilar to the temps of my last week in florida

walked brutus on the short loop across the street
doubled back once to extend our first hike together since I had returned from vacation

the bird activity was all around me
the brown earth is starting to show the signs of spring
the cars on beach drive irritated me with their unnecessary honky
while the cars on Park Road annoyed me by running the Red Turn arrow and ignoring the speed limit

the boys were slow out of the gate this morning and so was I
the second cup of coffee did not seem to be aiding in the waking process so I tossed it aside

made it to work a few minutes after nine
trying to get back in the routine

the boys got a quick tour of the cock pit after the plane landed
just another exciting moment of the boys' vacation
sharks... alligators... gopher turtles
power boats... swamp boats... and airplanes

led zeppelin on youtube

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