mutants... definitely mutants

definitely mutants

some of the folks from the world of the single speed are evolving into another direction
an evolution that is close to a mutation

definitely a mutation

some of the outlaws are clearly starting to mutate

single speeders mutating into offroad fixed gear riders
off road on a fixed gear?
fixed gear riding on very technical terrain?

the single speed outlaw

it has been proven that it can be done

the tomi cog is rad
a cog that attaches on the disc hub of a mountain bike wheel

I have considered franken biking my old Kona Explosif into a fixed gear mountain bike
would swap out the blown out old suspension fork in the front for the karate monkey fork
turning the machine into 29 in the front 26 in the back

maybe that will be a good spring project
need to get a tomi cog and some mechanical assistance
the bike would be more urban than off road
but still a fun project depending upon how the geometry would end up riding

the only new parts needed may be the cog and a headset!


Anna said...

How about no gears?

Mountain Unicycling:

fxdwhl said...

That Monkey of yours wouldn't mind getting fixed. Mines been that way for a while now thanks to Tomi.

Anna said...

Life is hard enough as it is.

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Mechanical assistance to swap a fork and bolt on a Tomicog?

Pick me up a 4-pack of Maudite, name the time and date, and I'm there. ;)

Tomicogs are sweet, though I have yet to really test mine out (currently living on the Monkey).

Yeah, those boys have mutated, all right.

gwadzilla said...

mr classt

do you have a headset press?

come on over!

lets frankenbike after the kids go to sleep!

I will provide parts and beer

working on bikes is something that I do not do frequently enough!

-sir zilla

gwadzilla said...


life is hard enough

my goal is not to become an off road mutant

but i do like having fun on the bike

Blue-eyed Devil said...

I've got you covered, no worries. Home-made press and cup remover--hasn't failed me yet with 6 bikes.

riderx said...

I'll wear that mutant badge w/ pride although I prefer the term devolution to evolution.

I know Ricky d and I have doing the off road fixed thing since at least 2005 when we raced 24 Hours of 7 Springs w/ Brad (ex-DR/Current Urban Velo) and Justin (current DR).