National Bike Summit a film on mountaineering... these tangents make sense to me

the national bike summit was here in washington dc this week
here now I am watching a film... touching the void

not reading the book
just watching the flim

things are just about to pick up

the descent is where the story takes its twist

touching the void film on the wiki page
the book on the wiki page

beautifully filmed
but having a hard time with the re-enactment
wonder what
roman holiday thinks of this piece
my bet
he loves it or he hates it

gotta go
the story is unfolding

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Roman Holiday said...

I read this book years ago when first came out - great story. Cut the cord or not? Tough decision to make. I'm not sure what I would have done in that situation. If you have time, check out: "The Mountain of my Fear" by Dave Roberts (a great all round writer).