ran into Roots last night in Adams Morgan

ran into Roots last night in Adams Morgan

I do not know Roots
but my good buddy Rob plays music with Roots
which has had me introduced to him on a few occassions
more than that
I really enjoy Roots' musical contributions
so when I see Roots I feel comfortable giving a shout from the bicycle or a nod from across the bar
on this night we crossed paths as he sipped a drink at a sidewalk cafe while I locked up my bicycle

Roots was stoked on a trip to Florida this weekend
headed to Langerado after a tour in Australia with Thievery Corp

Thievery Corp

in addition to Thievery Rob and Roots are involved in the projects
International Velvet and See-I
some of my best nights on the town in this town have been to see these bands
good music
good soulful music

I am really excited for the release of SEE-I this spring on Fort Knox Recordings

images of international velvet on the gwadzilla page; set one and set two
what is interesting is Charlie from City Bikes was at this same show experimenting with his flash with the remote hot shoe
it looked like he was getting good results
but I never saw them on his flickr site

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