re-Post: National Bike Summit

The National Bike Summit

somehow these images vanished into cyber space after the initial posting over the weekend
after an electronic wrestling match with Blogger I was finally able to get them to post

this is not entirely a REPOST it is more of telling the same story twice
I like to tell the same story over and over again and again

I was struck with the a riddle of King Solomon
CityBikesMike of DCMTB and I discussed meeting up at the reception for the National Bike Summit
CityBikesMike has asked me to run my by the Adams Morgan City Bikes shop to grab a bag of socks for him... which I did

when I got to the National Bike Summit I was stuck with this riddle of King Solomon
CityBikesMike was a no show... do I bring the bag of socks back to the City Bikes shop or do I give out the socks myself? I gave out the socks myself

yes... i got a pair of socks

Dorcas of The Washington Area Bicycle Association (WABA) was well deserving of some socks
which of course she re-gifted to a friend before the clock had gone 24 hours

city bikes shop has a blog

cars parked in bike lanes

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