some random shots and some random ideas from around town

some random shots and some random ideas from around town and from around the day

no time to ride this week
lots of work... late and long
lots of work after late nights on the blog
the spring has me out with the camera
a step out to grab coffee can allow for the snap of the electronic shutter

zip ties on the strap so the camera does not slip free as it is slung around my neck as I
rode before and after work
the full camera body Panasonic Lumix may be dead and gone for certain
sometimes we say things and do not want to believe them
my camera is dead and my old external hard drive is not responding
the several year old Canon point and shoot I got from my dad is doing a fine job of filling the void

hobbies and passions cost money
the bicycle is an initial investment sport with a long list of expenses after the bike

it was supposed to be free
now it costs me time and money
it is worth it

jay moglia sporting his old team kit NCVC
while I am almost certain that he is wearing the colors of Route One Velo
the jersey with Capital Hill Bikes on the
chest and back
jay has been rocking and rolling as long as he has been riding his bike

tonight after Jay hangs up his bike he will be picking up his guitar for a Rambling Shadows show a The Black Cat

Ron and Sons of Disobedience are also playing for this party for Bernie who is retiring from his long held post of manager of The Black Cat
I remember Bernie from Dantes
I remember Bernie from the bars around town
dc may not be six degress of bernie
just some small town punk rock history

I am not going
staying local
real local... like in front of the television local

spring is in the air
beautiful women are in season
it is springtime

the shot with the kid with the fishhead chuck taylor's was taken more so I could catch the people on the sidewalk
but alas... the freak with the camera caused the thin woman in the tall boots to look the other way

this guy works for bike the sites and saw me on the on the ride with the people in town for The National Bike Summit

nice riding position... out of the saddle and coasting
much more fun than out of the saddle hammering

hope the weather allows for me to do some riding
I would like to get on the bike so I can enjoy the pleasures of both coasting and hammering out of the saddle

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