two hot tips...

two hot tips....

1. FREE PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS ONLINE (story in wired... thanks thomas)


2. Police are ticketing Pedestrian and Bicyclists at 14th and P and 14th and U Streets

cars are free to do as they please
interesting that the police do not see that the peds and the cyclists are modifying the law in the same way that cars are
the speed limit is 25MPH... why not start there!
then go to people failing to make compete stops at the stop line at their car
then try ticketing for talking on the cell phone while driving
there is more
yes... there is more
the police could ticket cars for passing pedestrians and cyclists too fast and too close
if a car is moving above the speed limit when they pass a pedestrian or a cyclist... that should be considered reckless driving
that would be a SAFE STREET CAMPAIGN!


Shana said...

no way.

for all the car traffic violations happening right in front of their faces, and for all the cars that are just not paying attention (yes, that is reckless!) i would be so upset if i got pulled over for not making a complete stop...

i live on 14th. this is ridiculous.

gwadzilla said...

hains point photographer?

control the car chaos
then start to think about the pedestrians and cyclists

ticketing the bikers and the walkers is like telling women they should not work out alone because they could be attacked

stop the attacker
don't try to lessen the number of attacks by asking the victims to avoid the attackers

control the car chaos
that will make safer streets

yes pedestrians and cyclists need to be responsible for their actions
but until a pedestrian is safe to cross in the crosswalk when it says walk
they should be free to cross where and when they are most safe

the cyclist...
they get no respect and are unsafe when following the law
it is no different when they break it

the bike moving through is to the advantage of all
cars hate having the bikes line up in front of them

Shana said...

(yep, it's me!)

exactly. thank you.

horn said...

i'm sad to see this blatant profiteering takes place on both sides of the pond.

i too would be happy if i felt that the issue of reckless motorists took priority over stopping commuters for riding on the pavement...

i saw someone doing their make-up in their rear view today... sheesh.

gwadzilla said...

I got rear ended once by a car at high speed once

the road was well lit
day time lit
I had so many lights blinking and flashing that I knew how to say christmas tree in many languages as everyone I passed pointed and said christmas tree in their native tongue

the women hit me square in the back tire
I was lucky that i had a good grip on the bars
it sent me flying forward
there was no damage

she had a streak of lipstick on her flat cheek
frozen in position she looked dumbly at me as I went to her window
she rolled the window down and said she was sorry
rather than cuss her out
I asked that she be more careful

the situation was too close to death for a tongue lashing

I wonder if her behavior changed for more than two city blocks

horn said...

you'd like to think so, but i doubt it...

the last time i was stopped by city police (for genuinely not seeing a red light) i asked if they were going after the numerous taxis and buses i see jumping red lights everyday, he claimed they were and proceeded to tell me how he'd attempted to take a dozy pedestrian to court but the case was thrown out...

i dunno if this was just said to appease me, but he seemed a stand up kind of guy (once i'd calmed down) and even warned me they were going to be staking out the same lights all week.

although i have to say, it took him 300 metres to catch me, so i'd love to know how they stop motor vehicles...

i did find how out of breath he was quite humorous...