wild and wonderful west virginia... an epic three day weekend

whitegrass... celebrating winter in all of its glory
march has arrived showing that winter is far from over

while people are talking spring a tad prematurely in washington dc
in the high country of west virginia people are thriving in a winter wonderland
whitegrass had all sorts of energy
fresh snow... lots of coverage... lots of fresh snow
cross country at its best
and the food... the food
fantastic food that tastes even better after a day on the hill

the downhill was great... but the food at canaan and timberline should not be mention in the same breath as the food from whitegrass

dad and dean at canaan valley
dean and grant each took a private lesson
lisa and I swapped off on the hill and hanging with grant
each of us took some turns alone
each of us took some turns with dean

grant was done with the planks after his lesson
it was grant's first time on downhill skiies
pretty awesome... four years old
dean developing some skills and not even seven

french fries
grant could not get enough french fries

dean and grant at whitegrass

lisa and dean pair off in one direction up the hill
while grant and I went on the trail that allows dogs
we did not go far
but the three of us were loving every minute of it

there are more photos
but not that many more
as I went to west virginia with the intention to enjoy life without a camera between me and the action in front of me
I missed some shots
but I enjoyed some moments

it helped that my camera did not like the excessive cold
and... that I had no intention of going on the hill with my full size camera
between point and shoots right now


crs said...

I was in my adopted home state of West "by god" Virginia too!! No skiing, just 5+ hour bike rides!!
...take me home, to the place....

fridrix said...

I was wondering where you were! It got up to 70'F in SC, played some tennis.

p.s. Are you sure you're not Amish?

Butch said...

I love White Grass. The Vegi Chili is the kill!

gwadzilla said...

not Amish
but I will admit to having a bit of a thing for plain women

Witness is like a adult film for me
so plain
so very very plain
too many "very"
very plain

the menu at Whitegrass is awesome
I would say that the Clam Chowder is better than the chilli
that said... I had the chilli and the nachos
as well as the clam chowder!

gwadzilla said...


when taking the tele lesson my instructor talked about side cut


even my snowboard is ancient technology

Roman Holiday said...

Don't lean back on the snowboard, weight forward.

gwadzilla said...

roman holiday

I have been snowboarding as long as you
since the days of the Burton Backhill

thanks for the lesson
I need tips on the tele skies
just fine on the board

and well...
it was a powder day
so back seating things would make perfect sense

I will wait for you at the bottom of the hill for your next tip