heavy weight boxing

just got done with some heavy weight boxing

boxed up my bike for a rapidly approaching trip

going to try UPS as a shipping option rather than taking a bike on a plane
renting is an option
may still consider that option
but also curious if shipping a bike out in advance is a shrewd option

ah! MY BACK!

blogging is not always good for the back
especially after a long day

a good day... but a day that lasted long

got up with the standard routine of helping get the boys ready for school and out the door
then a romp in the woods with brutus

then the short straight ride into work

work went by fast
was very busy
busy days can be fast days

would have loved to have gotten out early
was stoked to get out of work on time
was on the bike leaving out of work with the sound of the whistle blowing
then went out for a ride
hammered hard over over an hour

took the capital crescent up to conn ave by the city bikes chevy chase shot
did not cross conn and go to the shop
turned it around back towards georgetown
tried to keep my heart pumping for the full up and back

then rolled it around town slow for a few minutes
got home to walk the dog

was able to entice four year old grant to join me with the dog

the trip in the woods was dictated by grant's desires
I braced myself for a discussion/argument about what trail to take
melvin hazen is his favorite as it reminds him of colorado
logic that I have a hard time arguing with

we only had time for the loop behind the rosemount center

to my pleasure grant was rolling with the flow and moving my way
early in the short hike I saw some twins that live up the block that are grant's age
they were out with their dad walking their dog in the woods
before I knew it grant was showboating walking the fallen tree at speed

only one fall... he caught himself
a good display
no he did not get their numbers
he does not know how to dial a phone yet

getting grant home took as much persuasion as the effort to get him out the door
they do not want to leave
then they do not want to go back

but I had a DCMTB team meeting to attend
so I tried accelerate

there was one more tree to climb and a puppy to pet
I understood the significance of these events
these things were more important than my getting to this meeting on time

had changed from sweaty cycling gear into street clothes for the hike
threw some shorts on under some custom cardhart knickers I have and jumped on the monkey single
felt good to spin the single after an afternoon of hammering on the cross bike

got to the meeting and listened to the meeting stuff then rolled home

once home I pulled my old bike box from the garage and tried to pack my jamis exile into
this shipping box I got with my surly

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fridrix said...

Jodphurs and argyles. . . that is hot.