dry all day until it got wet in the late afternoon

cool crisp and dry

cold... icy cold

or so it seemed with the gear I had worn for the commute to work in the am
was under dressed for the cool crisp dry
which had me drastically under dressed for the icy cold rain

sprinted straight home from work with the camera in my bag
the rain was not hard
well... the volume rain was not great
but the drops were icy cold and large
I guess the volume of each rain drop was grand

got home and out of my wet cycling gear
then got suited up to take brutus across the street
it was not so bad with a base layer and a rain shell


Rocky6 said...

Yes, I definitely picked the wrong day to ride in shorts. Brrr...

And painful with the occasional pinging hail.

gwadzilla said...

I thought that I felt hail