the GREs

the GREs
school was never really my thing
so advanced degrees would not have made all that much sense
yet, in an early 20's panic I studied for the GREs
then decided to ride my motorcycle across the country instead
then just as I hit 25 I freaked out
I took the LSAT in Boulder and CU

took a few pretests... did a little studying... felt well with how I would perform
then the night before the test I flipped out
on test day I had one of the worst tests of my test taking life
I was not sure if I got my name correct at the top of the page
but I am sure I would not have enjoyed law school
those strange nights in an empty class room at the Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge
there I was with a stop watch, a number two pencil, and an LSAT prep book

last night I prepped my bike for the Greenbrier Challenge
got the geared monkey ready to race
I can not recall the last time I rode the geared Monkey.... The Shenandoah Mountain 100?

everything seemed to be looking pretty good
dirty... but good
did a little cleaning and fine adjustments
shifting and braking looked good
everything felt tight
wheels were moderately straigh
but the shock?
I was skeptical about the shock
luckily I had printed out a 200 page PDF of which I needed two pages
Marzocchi Manuals can seem like a GRE test to me
but I managed to guess my way through it
feel good about my name at the top of the page if nothing else

perhaps I should have ridden the Monkey to work today
will try to test it out tomorrow
what is happening tomorrow?

hazardous waste and recycling drop off at Carter Barron
Dean has a soccer game
there is the City Bikes Demo at Schaeffer Farms
and Bike Polo in DC
hmmm.... what am I going to make happen tomorrow?

greenbrier challenge

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