H2O Todd throwing sea water on Pink...

H2O Todd Morse throwing sea water on Pink!

gwadzilla on H2O

you are not in the county any more!
wonder if todd still likes Old Bay and Natty Boh?
or do famous people forget their humble beginnings

"whacha tryin ta say?"


Jeff said...

I've seen h2o probably a couple of dozen times. The first in 94/95 with Mighty Mighty Bostones. The only time I've been star-struck with punk/hc hereos was hanging out with h2o, marky ramone and the recently reformed Misfits. Toby and I were both a little awestruck and he was on tour with them! Last time I saw them they were opening up for Rancid 2 years ago at the Black Cat. I don't know what was wrong, but they lacked the energy they once had. Even a Madball cover couldn't get them excited (though it did me).

gwadzilla said...

I know todd, toby, and rusty from when I was in college
we all skated and listened to punk
they lived in the county where my college was

toby was just in high school and looking get out of the county
already getting a taste for new york by visiting his eldest brother

todd and rusty were in a band together called The Roadside Petz
it was pretty cool
they were doing the dual singer thing then

I am way too old for punk shows
new/old/or neo
no punk shows for me