I think it is time

I think it is time
time to try and pull the training wheels off grant's bike

grant is just a month older than four
his comfort on the bike with training wheels is good
he has speed and power
it may be time to pull the training wheels
we have discussed it
it may be time to try it

streets blog has something about a NYC bike training session for small children

anyone have any tips?
I may chase down Jonathan from the Family Bike Shop to borrow his Like-A-Bike contraption


MaggieMPBP said...

Take his pedals off and have him scoot and coast for a few days- he'll get the balance and when he's scooting like crazy you can add the pedals back to the mix. That way he won't get too hung up on pedaling before he can balance...I got too little girls to ride in about an hour this morning with this trick!
Hope it works!

Family Bike Shop said...

I can bring the like-a-bike with me to Lodi so you can borrow it if you like. You can also take the pedals off of Grant's bike when you remove the training wheels and it works the same way.