leading the pace line... liz hatch


the original big ring said...


MB said...

Traffic whore.

(you, not her :))

And yeah, she's as hot in person as these pics.

gwadzilla said...

she is hot
but honestly
I do not think this photographer did her justice

not to say I could take better photographs
but I would certainly enjoy trying

not so sure my wife would let me

gwadzilla said...


I do not post these things to get the traffic
I post these things to direct the traffic

go get it straight from the source

MB said...

Mmmhmm. I know what "Liz Hatch" search terms do for a site.

My other half was kind enough to snag this Liz Hatch shotfor your viewing pleasure.


But seriously, she's a real rider, and deserves much respect for what she's accomplished. The hotness is just gravy.

PEANUT said...

AND she is as sweet as she is hot! Very kind, humble gal who kicks ass!

fridrix said...

There once was a Vanderkitty
And everyone found her pretty
Then one day she posed
With hardly no clothes
Showing her legs, her back, and her titty