jeff schalk

the number read two at the start
at the end of the day he finished first
so next year... he will get to sport the number one plate

good job jeff!
some serious competition out there
too bad todd wells was not there this year


article about Jeff in this month's SPOKES magazine!


Scott T. said...

Wow, interesting guy. Drop everything to chase being a pro mountain bike racer. And it sounds like he took it up not so many years ago.

gwadzilla said...

here is an old interview

I bet he would answer it differently today


you live one life
and he is living his on a mountain bike
very cool
but lots of these guys are type A got it together sorts of people

his team mate chris eatough also has an engineering backwards

me... I can't type my home address without spell check

gwadzilla said...

oh yea
from what I can tell a regular guy
a regular guy who is kicking ass on the bike

too bad Eatough had a mechanical at the Shenadoah Mountain 100

while standing at the bike wash we had some interesting conversation about various things including what it means for the Olympics to be hosted in China