a moment on the lips... a lifetime on the hips

a moment on the lips...
a lifetime on the hips

last night at midnight I had another Easter Egg Hunt
seems like midnight is the time for me to raid the kid's Easter Baskets

the boys scored
which means dad loses
loses in his effort to lose weight

Egg Hunt on the Wiki Page
Egg Hunt on Dischord Dot Com

Equinox on the Wiki Page...
allegedly you can stand an egg on its end due to the gravitational pull of the Summer Equinox
I can not verify
but I think Jeff Nelson lined up 11 eggs one year


nylonthread said...

Gwadzilla, I'm pretty sure we haven't met, but DC is a small town. A close girlfriend of mine dated Jeff Nelson for a few years & remained friends after breakup--i went to a few parties at his Arlington house before he moved to Indiana.

I used to live and bike in Mount Pleasant, too. Have we crossed paths?

gwadzilla said...

I have been to your page a number of times
none of your images made you look too familiar
but i guess the images of you are rare as you are the author not the subject

it is very possible that we have been in the same room at the same time or that we share mutual friends

nylonthread said...

Btw, my biking post is up! I linked to you, so comment, if you'd like!