more randomness that only makes sense to me

the present political situation has me thinking of a song by the english beat

the english beat on youtube

big picture
we need to think big picture

hubris- pride-vanity

carly simon on you tube

not sure I am making sense
even to myself


Icon O. Classt said...

I'm thinking "Sooner or Later".

Two dozen other stupid reasons/why we should suffer for this...

gwadzilla said...

this video is awesome
can not recall if I ever saw it

the only place to see videos was when out dancing in the clubs
cagney's, poseur's, and of course the old 9:30 Club
oh yea... and Whisper's


I can not watch our political future unfold

the hillary camp is strong
I wish the obama camp were stronger

all this infighting and we risk losing another election to the dark side

Icon O. Classt said...

You mean the darker side.

Methinks Obama is merely the proverbial lesser of three evils.