more than one DCMTB wearing the black and red in california

anna kelso brakes for tea with jacquie and charlie in marin

anna kelso flew into san fransisco then drove down the coast to race at the Sea Otter Classic
the cross country was today
I wonder how she did

image stolen from the kelso blog


this makes me wonder if I still have the Cunningham Power Cams from my old Cannondale SM600 with the 26 wheel in the front and the 24 inch wheel in the back
this also has me wondering if the 24 Hours of Donner Pass was the first 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race in California


alice b. toeclips said...

Yo! Nice to see me over here in DC!
ANna and I had a blast, she's too kind.
I really pray she gets to reach the stratosphere of racing heights...
Will be hoping to see you at SSWC 08, eh?|
|Don't forget I intend to rent an entire hotel on Tam for a couple/3 days... after the event, m;thinks..\

gwadzilla said...

SSWC 08!

we will have to see how much vacation I have remaining when that month arrives

I will most definitely be there for the race
how much time before and how much time after has yet to be determined

glad you and anna connected
sounds like you are quite the host

right now I am recovering from jet lag

maybe a walk with the dog in the rain will wake me up

battling to get vertical

took the red eye home
drove in rainy rush hour traffic
got home
got on my bike
and went to work
got some stuff done
but was really nothing more than a character from Dawn of the Dead!