morning madness...

this morning had its fair share of frustration
none of which has yet to be resolved

after the standard routine of aiding in getting the boys dressed, fed, and out the door I walked the dog
it was the standard loop across the street
no extended duration for trail repair
no extended distance for the mental health of the owner or the dog

with a few minutes before work I grabbed by boxed bike and headed over to the UPS Store in Columbia Heights
exited like a toddler that just took his first poop I drove the short city blocks across town to make things happen to get things done
a space right out front allowed for thirty minute parking
I expected to be in and out in a flash

sure enough... I was in and out in a flash
only I was out the door with the same box that I entered the store with
after nominal insurance I exited without paying a fee that may have easily met a hundred and fifty bucks
somewhere in the effort to dodge the fifty dollar airplane fee my potential expenditure tripled

no more convenient
much more expensive

part of the issue is the larger box

a larger man rides a larger bicycle
this larger man rides a bicycle with larger wheels
the larger bicycle with the larger wheels needs a larger box
and sadly... the larger box merits a larger cost
I must accept this
but... when does the employer factor in all of these larger fees for larger people?

I use a larger bed...
my clothing is all larger...
I definitely eat more...
but... my daily wages do not reflect how I am taxed for my XL Status!

image by Glen E. Friedman


riderx said...

Tips for bike travel:
- If you are paying $50 each way on the plane you might as well take it with you.

- FedEx gournd is cheaper than UPS ($45 last I did it). Sign up for a free account, fill out online and print your own slip and drop it off. You can also find the fee up front. Measure "accurately" ;) an inch in one dimension can trigger the oversize fee. This is why it's better to measure yourself. Drop off is simple this way, hand them the box and the print out.

- You don't get insurance on the plane like you can with FedEx, pack careful for the plane.

- Don't overload the box with stuff for the plane or you'll get double dinged

gwadzilla said...


thanks for the tips!


ridethewomble said...

Like RiderX said, it's much cheaper to measure yourself, print out the shipping label, and then just drop the box off at a Fedex shipping center.

Most of those places are franchises, and will crush you with their own add-on fees. As authorized drop off centers, though, they are obligated to just accept preprepared shipments.

It's likely that any bike-sized box will trigger "dimensional weight" charges, but they're not that bad. I regularly ship a Trico case halfway across the country for about $28.

gwadzilla said...

good advice

I will measure my bicycle box this evening and see what I come up with


after all this

I may end up renting a bike on the other coast


maybe less risk and less hassle

riderx said...

I always drop off at an original FedEx, not one of those shipping centers that kill you on extra fees, so watch that. My Crateworks box just meets the minimum, but it's a bit misshapen after years of use and a worker with a quick tape measure will bump it over the limit. Plus pre-printing your stuff means you don't wait in line.

I'd much rather have my own bike with me, even if it costs more. Comfort and familiarity are key. You don't rent underwear when you are on vacation, do you?