my short trips to and from work...

my short trips to and from work...
the trips are short
too short
I would like to see more
I would like to ride more
it is a short distance for me to get from home to work
when I can I stretch the ride from work to home
sometimes I can stretch the trip from home to work
but usually I need to roll straight there

the ride home is often a straight shot
sometimes due to lack of time or previous engagements
sometimes due to lack of desire
sometimes due to fatigue
my body was feeling tired today
the ride home today was almost direct

rode up Mass Ave to Reno
had to grab grant's lunch box at school
I enjoyed taking an alternate route
a route that I used more frequently at different stages of my life

the over the shoulder shot can get the shot
unless the audi gets in the way
which makes this a shot of nothing with a little where's waldo?

these shots of nothing are shots of something
giant peapod... it was not too long ago that we lived in a world without pea pod
who knows how long pea pod will exist

kazmo seemed like such a good idea
yet it failed
will dc snacks survive?
I never ordered from kazmo or dc snacks
I heard tonight that one of the liquor stores delivers
fifteen dollar minimum
I can meet that minimum

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