no chris.... I never did bmx

no chris
I never did bmx

so I can not appreciate these bmx ads
bmx ads at www.ewirezine.com

I must say... I do like the look
I may work that style tomorrow at work
the ladies seem to dig it!

when I was young there was some sort of thing about getting a Schwinn Scrambler through Cheerios
some sort of Cheerios raffle or box top deal
the specifics I can not recall

I never got that schwinn scrambler
my first mongoose was not a Super Goose with at Goose Neck...
it was a Mongoose ATB with 26 inch wheels and thumb shift activated gears... FIFTEEN OF EM!

when I say ten speed... I mean like a Schwinn Varsity

I broke 12 of those Mongoose bikes
they warrantied each and every one
it always amuses me that I broke my first mountain bike on some asphalt berms at the same place where my older son goes to grade school
I never thought at the time of such a future being my reality
but here I am... an adult of sorts

to bring the topic full circle with a little 80's fashion
when I broke that frame I was with Tim Whistler aka Puker who was on the cover of Thrasher in 1981
Tim Whistler rocked the OP corduroy short shorts like no other!
that guy ripped on the skateboard and thrashed up the streets for money as a courier
all in those Ocean Paciffic shorts... and they were short
George Michael Gitter Bug Short!

a text rich gwadzilla archive from 2004
not what I was looking for
I was looking for a photo or link to a photo of Puker skating
Puker was one of the many legends from the hells angels on skate boards known as the Toke Team

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