no need for the Like-A-Bike

no need for the like-a-bike

there was some discussion about the training wheel removal
there was some mention of the process that dean went through with the removal of his training wheels
there was agreement to return the training wheels to the bikes after some effort without training wheel assistance

while I was out in california lisa pulled the training wheels off the bike
well... my guess is she has one of the neighbors do it

it was tough for me to hear that I missed that moment
it sounds stupid
but for some reason we want to be there for "the firsts"
first smile... first steps... first...
whatever... there are lots of firsts
the first poop was not so much a first I needed to witness... but I was pleased that it did happen

the first time when a child can put gloves on their hands without their parent's assistance is a good day for the parents

when I got back from california grant wanted to put the training wheels on the bike
I told him that I would put them back on after he let me take a few pictures of him practicing without training wheels
we went out back... grant rode without training wheels... there was no mention of returning the training wheels

grant is only able to ride straight and is practicing braking
braking is more vital that turning
he learned to start on his own... which is very similar to a child putting on gloves for themselves
it is just easier for the parent not to be called in for assistance for these things each and every time they need something done

balance and braking is improving
starting on his own is a big step
we went to Lafayette Elementary to ride an oval loop... shallow turn to aid in the process
while on this ride at an elementary school in Chevy Chase DC Grant collided with an older gentleman
then I collided with this same older gentleman
my collision was a collision of personalities
it was a short locking of the horns

grant was riding some laps around this paved oval that circled a space smaller than a football field
one one of his passes to this older gentleman and his younger friend he split the two walkers
then.... on his next pass... he tried to bust the gap again
on this effort he clipped the older gentleman and crashed

no one was hurt
things were fine
but then there were words
some words from the older gentleman
perhaps I over reacted
I lashed out
what was said is blurry
it came out fast
in that oliver north fashion I can not recall
I was aggravatged that these two men did not realise that they were blocking the full path
that this four year old was given three options
the left, the right, or the center
I wanted these people to see their contribution to the situation
and that it was an adult and a child collision
well... maybe they could have anticipated the child more

on the next lap of this older gentleman and this younger man I approached and issued a formal apology
with eye contact and sincerity
we all hung out and chatted for some time
he was quite pleasant with an unusual sense of humor
I was glad that he accepted my apology
I was also glad that no one was hurt


Rocky6 said...

Great story and pix. Looks like Grant has a similar ride to your race rig.

paul.diamond said...


It was a pleasure to get crashed into by your son yesterday. I enjoyed stepping back and watching my 79-year old friend and your 4 year-old son make an attempt to understand each other concerns and priorities (with you moderating). If you want send me your address and I will send you that cycling book I told you about.

Paul Diamond