no time for photos...

there is just not enough time for everything
so much to soak in
so much I would love to take a photo of
but... the process of taking a photo can disrupt the moment
not every moment must be document
some moments must depend on the basic skills of the human recall system known as memories

memories may drift away and be forgotten
but these same memories may resurface again
not unlike that lost photograph that was taken... tucked away... then found again

seeing these big beautiful trees bring back an onslaught of memories
memories recent and memories not so recent
all memories good
I have good memories from this part of the country

digital photographs are lost in hard drive crashes that never resurface and are never recover
I am speaking of photos how they were when they were developed on paper not shared over the internet never to leave a web page or an cluster of emails

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fridrix said...

Rediscovered photos (and slides) and plunged me into ruminations, of how I stepped into the shitter many years ago and got my foot stuck. Metaphorically, I mean.