online registration closed...

tonight I did not feel like working on my bike
actually... tonight I did not feel like doing anything

tonight after I got home from a long day of working late
I arrived home without the energy for anything
still a bit of jet lag from the california trip
a bit of a jet lag on top of several nights of late nights and early mornings
I am exhausted
today was not only a late and long day but it was a busy day
enough about work
well enough about the fatigue caused by having a job

got home to the usual tasks
hugging the family then walking the dog
grant was in the basement with me before I was out of my sweaty bicycle gear
without much coaxing grant agreed to join me with the dog
which was good... because that pulled grant away from his older brother dean who was trying to do his homework

to make the hike more interesting I gabbed a pruning tool to clear some falling branches
then asked grant if he wanted to see some salamanders
both the task of trimming some branches and finding salamanders had him amped

the hike involved grant wanting to trim every branch and me wanting to carry the tool
brutus did his thing while we cleared some branches that had fallen in last week's big rain

grant got involved in climbing the fallen limbs
which was good... he had done enough tree treeing
the promise of salamanders was empty
grant had a good point... the salamanders might be asleep
it was late evening
maybe the morning is a better time for salamander hunts

then back home where I ate the left over food from cactus cantina
grant climbed all over me as I tried to eat
sitting in my lap grant ate strawberries as I had fajitas
it was like a two headed monster with a tangle of four arms
lisa and dean alternated reading a book

when I was done eating grant was done climbing on me
he moved to the book
half listening and half getting involved
grant likes to get involved in the action

the chaos continued
the chaos is so everyday that I am not sure where things went next
eventually the boys were upstairs and getting ready for bed

getting them to brush their own teeth and dress themselves can be a chore
a chore for the parents as well as for the kids
it was already running late and the boys were running around
last night there were several books and an effort to explain baseball with some chess pieces with some checkers as bases
but tonight after I put clean sheets on dean's top bunk bed the boys were ready for bed
mom told them a story
mom tells the best stories

having arrived at the corner store at 10:05 last night I figured I would try to buy my beer a little earlier than the 10 PM cut off
as they do not sell carry out beer after ten pm in our neighborhood
not sure of the law/rule for package beer in washington dc

left the dog behind and make the hike up the hill
a nice night for a walk
but brutus is not such a fan of the mount pleasant main street
so I left him behind
last night was enough rumbling buses and tweaked homeless people for my black dog brutus

at the argyle I asked the man at the register to mark the beer better in the glass cooler as I was not sure that the prices matched the packages
there was some confusion
I was not so concerned with the price
the passing employee said they were 7.99 a piece
I had paid more
I got two dollars back

made the walk home cracked open a beer
caught up with an old friend on the phone
then logged on to register for the greenbrier race this weekend
online registration closed!

I told myself...
you can get out of putting the bike in the stand
but you need to pre-register
this lack of prep allows me to have the annoying flexibility to follow the weather
the weather does not look good this weekend
weather dot com

rain this weekend?

now I finish this beer and watch this crappy movie
how to lose a man in ten days
or something to that effect
I am a sucker for these pop something about the wedding crasher films
they are perfect for being brainless after a long day


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