photo by my four year old grant

photo by my four year old son grant shirt by jimmy the same jimmy who brings us speedy's hot sauce speedy's hot sauce

the now clean drunk cyclist
he is clean
is he sober?
I am wearing a LIVEWRONG bracelet
I always wear that LIVEWRONG bracelet


Big said...

Clean? Maybe a bit cleaner.

Sober? Not fucking likely.

gwadzilla said...

well porn free at least

Icon O. Classt said...

So, why isn't the TomiCOG bolted up?

gwadzilla said...


aside from not having a TOMIcog in my possession

that rear wheel lacks the DISC capabilities that the tomiCOG needs

I think my next fixie creation is going to be an effort to re-animate some old dusty machines that have not seen the streets in years

I have a decade old Kona Explosif that could do well to see a new beginning

James said...

Man, he is a budding photographer. I always like photos from little kids because you get the perspective from down low.

gwadzilla said...

kids are good photographers

they have their own style

when a kid crops out your head
or takes a picture of your butt
more often than not that is their intention

so I let my boys take the pictures they want
they I request that they take the photos I want

the same goes for when I take their picture

I try to allow them the opportunity to all make faces and take on super hero stances
then I make them stand and behave for me

at least that is my intention

kids are little sponges
they can learn so much

my four year old is more comfortable on my wife's iPhone than I am